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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2503 – Reaping What You Sow! ill mask
Not lengthy back, he was still so insufferably arrogant and unparalleledly tyrannical.
Who dared not comply with Ye Yuan’s ideas?
“I didn’t expect that it Heavenly Dao Samsara actually got this type of outcome!”
Most of the powerhouses present dropped into profound jolt.
He desperately applied power and even made use of the two fantastic policies.
A few fantastic forces of concept had been ravaging within his body.
Beneath the strength of guideline, not merely would he crash, it is going to even backlash to him.
Lin Chaotian’s entire body suddenly froze there.
Lin Chaotian got a search of concern and over and over again decreased back when he stated, “You … Don’t you come over! Move through once more this also ancestor will truly grind it!”
Unrivaled Medicine God
His s.p.a.cetime regulation had similarly arrived at the arena of principle.
Since these several Daos moving to the field of guideline was virtually one thing extremely hard.
His fleshy physique world also attained the restriction of get ranked nine!
His sins could stop repaid by using a very simple death.
But perfect at this point, Ye Yuan spat anything away from his sound very calmly.
He was the true individual race’s sovereign!
But this time, fact slapped his deal with brutally.
This sentence immediately extinguished everyone’s fantasies.
Saint Azure was about in becoming heritage.
A cherished cherish just like the Less Heavenspan Mountain had not been what any individual could perfect.
Seeing and hearing this, Lin Chaotian was wildly ecstatic as part of his cardiovascular system.
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Ye Yuan’s various peculiar divine proficiency designed him not really have the possibility of going aside.
It turned out not really that he did not would like to use it, but that his competitors were too sturdy. This relocate already could not have access to a great deal result anymore.
This fire concept crystal, Ye Yuan was protecting it for Hot.
With Ye Yuan’s prior durability, planning to immobilize a Dao Ancestor was similar to placing blaze to him or her self.
… …
… …
Getting rid of Lin Chaotian was quick. But regardless if they grew to become Ancestor Flame, what exactly?
Struggling with the divine race’s attack, Lin Chaotian only idea of his personal passions and nearly condemned a persons race for all of eternity.