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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2169 – Cannot Bear to Look Straight earthy racial
Longer Seven was filled with satisfaction, how could he deal with this goading?
On the other hand, Ye Yuan presented mercy this point, allowing Prolonged Seven to take away out of your Mist Battlefield carefully.
Really hunting decrease!
Unrivaled Medicine God
Prolonged Zheng possessed no grudges nor enmity with him, Ye Yuan would not deal a eradicating blow.
Right after retreating, he continued hunting for dragon beginning crystals all over again.
“What? There’s actually still this type of solution!”
In the Mist Battleground, Ye Yuan looked at the Ao Yu beneath his foot and reported coolly, “There is no why. It’s because … you are far too fragile! Alright, so what if second awakening? You’re cannot even drive out my a fact toughness. Just this little bit of power and you also want to wipe out me?”
Ye Yuan’s strength was really very strong!
The audience of divine emperors exclaimed into laughter.
Ye Yuan stomped a foot lower, straight finishing his living.
Unrivaled Medicine God
“This is usually very freakis.h.!.+ This sort of system is the same as forcefully elevating the martial method up a point! No surprise the Boundless Major Dipper Fist has also been very vulnerable to face against when in front of him!”
If Ao Yu gone from the Mist Battlefield, he would probably have the capacity to break through to toe Thirdly Firmament Empyrean World soon.
Previously fought to a very level, Ye Yuan actually failed to exert his total strength yet still?
… …
A fellow whose Divine Dragon Indicate did not awaken, what durability could he have?
Unrivaled Medicine God
Ye Yuan had taken along the dragon origin crystal and said coolly, “You ought to have comprehended the Boundless Big Dipper Fist as well, right? If you’re unconvinced, you can use it and find out.”
1 were forced to know, a Fourth Firmament Empyrean versus another Firmament Empyrean, it had been virtually an issue of obtaining crushed.
In the same position, it was much too hard for somebody to want to do better than Ye Yuan.
When Longer Seven found Ye Yuan, his gaze converted ice cold, and the man mentioned haughtily, “It’s you, this c.o.c.ky other? Get lost, otherwise, kick the bucket!”
When Ye Yuan saw the situation, he could not guide failing to hold back his laughter.
Longer Seven did not withdraw out of your Mist Battleground. He was just beaten by Ao Yu and failed to lose his battle strength.
But extremely regrettably, Prolonged Seven still made a shift.
The audience of Heavenly Emperors traded glances, all astonished until they might not talk.
How could the present Longer Zifeng remain conceited?
One needed to know, a 4th Firmament Empyrean versus still another Firmament Empyrean, it was subsequently virtually a situation to getting crushed.
Even so the Boundless Significant Dipper Fist must be much stronger!
But quite sadly, Longer Seven still crafted a relocate.
Ye Yuan took along the dragon origin crystal and stated coolly, “You should have comprehended the Boundless Huge Dipper Fist far too, perfect? If you are unconvinced, it can be used and determine.”
If the group of divine emperors saw this picture, they could not assistance finding it crazy.
correct, you explained you have the money being conceited looking at our Purpledragon Stronghold. Now, it’s time for you to be conceited.”